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Digitally create your favorite League of Legends character and win prizes via Riot


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

With 100+ champions at this point in League of Legends, it is becoming harder and harder to pick just which one is your favorite. Is your favorite based off skill set and abilities, your personal skill with the champ, the champ’s look, or simply the champ’s feel? Everyone has their own reason for playing who the play and which is their favorite. With all of that in mind, how is your digital art skill?

I ask because Riot wants to know. They are having a contest for you to create a digital picture of a LoL champ preparing for season three. Somewhere in this picture also needs to be a new item from season three. For some reason I just thought of Vi wielding a Hydra and I scared myself. So yea, something like that. I have ZERO digital art skill otherwise I’d be all over this contest.

So the things that need to be in this 300 dpi, one dimensional, minimum 3000 pixel, .jpg photo needs to have:

  • At least one LoL champion with a new season three item
  • Appropriate for summoners of all ages – teen rated
  • No logos or product names
  • All the art must be done by YOU
  • The submission has to be in on time

This contest goes until February 8th so you have some decent time to get your submissions in. What can you win, well I'm glad you asked.  Once your submission is complete send it HERE to Riot. I hope you like Wacom products:

Two grand prize winners will receive:

  • A Wacom Cintiq 22HD pen display
  • 15,000 RP

Five runner-up winners will receive:

  • A Wacom Cintiq 12WX pen display
  • 10,000 RP

Ten honorable mention winners will receive:

  • A Wacom Bamboo Create pen tablet
  • 8,000 RP

Every winner will also receive a League of Legends drawstring bag containing:

  • A Riot Games artist smudge guard glove
  • A Teemo hat
  • A Baron Nashor t-shirt
  • A Quintessence lapel pin
  • A Rammus “OK” League of Legends wristband
  • A League of Legends Lanyard
  • A “Bananas OP” foam banana

Happy artsy time!


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